Vice President Dr Padma shree srinivasa
padmashri k

Vice President, AAPIO

Padmashri Srinivasa, MD (Dr.Shri), specializes in Hospital medicine, Emergency medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Bariatric (Obesity) medicine and offers her services through various hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also the Medical Director of Le Reve Regenerative Wellness, the leader in evidence-based, cutting-edge Holistic, Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine therapies.

Dr. Shri completed her residency from Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta GA, received fellowship certification in Aesthetics and Anti-aging from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, San Diego, CA and board certification in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine.

She is a leader in Hospital Medicine, leading large teams of hospitalist physicians in various hospitals, over 7 years. She has been a former vice chair for the Department of Medicine at Regional Medical Center of San Jose, CA.

She is the recipient of the Andrew Stewart Memorial Research award for her research work in residency and has won the “Physician with the Best Bedside Manners” award from Atlanta Medical Center.

Her clinical interests are focused on Women’s health, Regenerative and Restorative medicine in anti-aging, to prevent disease, restore health, preserve vitality and enhance wellness.

Her vision is to forward the field of Regenerative and Bariatric medicine through research and cutting edge therapies that can lead to a healthy, beautiful and a balanced life.