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Welcome to the AAPIO Young Physicians and Students Section.

We are a section within the local chapter dedicated to the unique issues and needs faced by medical students, physicians in training, and physicians who have recently embarked on their professional track after training. This new section was formed to provide the “young physician” a community in which to develop a professional network, support one another’s professional development, and to learn from our colleagues.

We are a growing group with innovative, broad-minded, integrative ideas for the future of the global health care community.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of key issues affecting the current and future health care industry and our role as the leaders of tomorrow.
  • To create a supportive environment for professional development and Continuing Medical Education.
  • To provide resources for academic development and pursuits including research opportunities, clinical rotations, international health rotations, and scholarship programs.
  • To dedicate time to the health care needs of the local community addressing the disparity of health care resources.


AAPIO Scholarship Program 2012-13:
We are pleased to announce our scholarship program for deserving students who are embarking on a career in Medicine or in an Allied Health specialty. AAPIO scholarships are for students who demonstrate through their activities in school, in the community, or in the face of unusual circumstances that they have the potential to be leaders of the future in Health care. The scholarships are need based and candidates must provide the necessary financial information. The applicants must show letters of acceptance to a Medical school in the US or to an Allied Health Science school.
For 2012-2013, we are pleased to offer FOUR scholarships. Two scholarships worth $2000 each are for students entering Medical School OR for students who are already in Medical school and two scholarships worth $1000 each are for students pursuing a career in one of the Allied Health specialties.
Applications must be postmarked by April 15, 2013 and winners will be posted on this website on May 15th, 2013. The scholarship awards will be presented at the AAPIO Annual Meeting scheduled to be held in May 2013.

For more information, write to: