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Dear AAPIO Family,

As we enter our 38th year, I feel honored to be the president of AAPIO and truly appreciate the faith the board and past presidents have placed in me. I have the good fortune to be working with a dedicated, dynamic and talented team that is serving with me on the Executive Committee.

Our priorities for the year can be summarized as the 4 Rs:  Relationships, Relevance, Resources and Rejuvenation with goal for providing value for our existing and new members.

  1. Relationships: Our number one priority is to build bridges and networks with other respectable organizations doing excellent work in the community. Some examples include our National organization AAPI, County and State Medical Associations like ACCMA, CMA, charitable organizations such as the Foundation for Excellence, India Community Center, Community Seva where we will work on organizing clinics for Flu/Covid 19 vaccination and health screening.
  2. Relevance. We will bolster AAPIO’s role as a health professional networking and collaboration platform doing membership outreach to community physicians at Kaiser Permanente, Sutter PAMF, El Camino, Regional and County medical groups as well as academic institutions such as UCSF, UC Davis and Stanford to provide value to young members who may still be in residency programs or fellowship. We will provide a platform for collaboration and sharing between different institutions, so that our members can thrive. We will revise the bylaws to make sure our organization keeps up to speed with the fast-moving pace of the digital age while retaining its values.
  3. Resources. In this challenging time for all of us in health care, we will work on creating new resources for our organization and its members so that we can thrive in this environment. We will work with leaders in our state and the nation to promote the interests of the physicians of Indian origin. We will make sure our organization stays financially stable and sustainable for the generations which are to follow us.
  4. Rejuvenation. As we move towards a more technologically savvy digital organization, we will bring new, exciting and attractive online and live programs for physician education on Leadership, Learning, Professional Satisfaction and Physician Wellness in addition to creating opportunities for mentorship, volunteerism, contribution for our members. Together, we can better serve our communities.

With the help of my strong and sincere Executive Committee and the guidance of our esteemed board members, I am extremely grateful and promise to deliver my very best to this wonderful organization.

Please feel free to reach out with your ideas, and feedback on how AAPIO can serve you and how YOU might want to contribute to the growth of AAPIO.

Yours in service,
Pankaj Vij MD FACP
President 2020-2021