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Dear AAPIO Family,

It’s indeed an honor to be the President of our prestigious organization. As you all are aware, AAPIO is the only organization in Northern California, representing the physicians and allied healthcare providers of Indian Origin. Over the past 3 decades, a ‘small social group’ has progressed to a premier non-profit organization, and a local chapter of AAPI. We know the challenges we have as an organization, our lofty goals and our need to unite and support each other. One year is a very short time, but I assure total commitment to streamline AAPIO’s operations, and focus on strengthening the structure of the Organization this year.

Health care space is being constantly disrupted and is the first major overhaul since inception of CMS in 60’s. Exorbitant costs of healthcare call for ‘austerity measures’ and ‘quality care’ and both are non-negotiable. Art and craft of the healing is threatened by technology, cook book approaches and blue suits. Satisfaction scores are rapidly declining across the spectrum of healers (or patients) with increasing numbers looking for exit strategy or early retirements. Sounds bad, eh?

But then, we are also one of the most resilient, ethical, compassionate and highly educated strata of the society! We can perceive the needs of our communities and our fellow healers. We work exceptionally hard, with long hours and sleepless nights. And most importantly, we are like a big family – with deep cultural roots, strong principles and perseverance – and we are survivors.

AAPIO provides a platform and umbrella to support each other; share thoughts and ideas; mentor and be mentored; teach and learn; organize community events and relax in social settings.  Let’s be POSITIVE and PROACTIVE. Let’s strengthen our membership and engagement and collaborate internally and externally to beat the odds against our AAPIO family members and our communities. Let’s innovate and stay focused as strong ethical healers and ‘do-gooders’ that the communities or authorities identify us with. Individualism will carry us only so far! Please rekindle your passion to make AAPIO stronger; participate in AAPIO events and contribute to our org’s cause and goals. Let’s stand in unison and support each other in career, knowledge, professional endeavors or whatever else the need may be. This year I would update and make our database searchable (only for members) to improve communication.

Please feel free to connect at  for sharing ideas or feedback and participating in the administrative activities.


Sanjay Agarwal, MD, MBA
President, AAPIO, 2018-2019