Sponsorship Opportunities

AAPIO invites you and your organization to be part of its 2014 events. We will be hosting two major events in 2014 and are now accepting sponsorships for the events. We offer many sponsorship/exhibitor options and are confident we have one that will work for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at president@aapio.org.


Please find the link for Sponsorship registration below the options and Terms and Conditions.


1. Platinum Sponsors: $5000

  • Booth in the 2014 Annual Gala
  • Table for 10 in the 2014 Annual Gala
  • Booth in the 2014 Semi-Annual meeting
  • Table for 10 in the Semi-Annual meeting
  • Ad on the AAPIO website from June 2014 – May 2015

2. Gold Sponsor: $2500

  • Booth in the 2014 Annual Gala
  • Table for 10 in the 2014 Annual Gala
  • Booth in the 2014 Semi-Annual meeting
  • Table for 10 in the Semi-Annual meeting

3. Silver Sponsor: $1000

  • Booth in the 2014 Annual Gala
  • Table for 10 in the 2014 Annual Gala

4. Bronze Sponsor: $500

  • Booth in the 2014 Annual Gala

 Sponsor Terms and Conditions

The following terms become binding upon acceptance of this agreement between the applicant, his/her employees and agents, and AAPIO and any additions and amendments thereto that may be established or put into effect by AAPIO in the interest of the event and shall be binding on exhibitors and sponsors equally with the terms of this agreement. The acceptance of this agreement is subject to the final approval of the AAPIO.

(A) Applications for space, sponsorship must be accompanied by the required payment per the instructions.
(B) No cancellation shall be acknowledged once the payment is received by AAPIO.

Upon acceptance of the agreement by AAPIO, the exhibiting firm agrees to abide by the terms herein, and any revisions or amendments thereto made by AAPIO. Exhibiting and Sponsoring firms not complying with said rules, having knowledge of them or not, shall be subject to the actions taken by AAPIO.

General space will be assigned on level of sponsorships, dates of payment, as well as taking into consideration space requirements. AAPIO reserves the right to make the final space assignment or change the space assignment after the acceptance of the application, should it be necessary in the best interest of the Event. No exhibitor or sponsor will assign, sublet, or share the whole or any part of the contracted space.

Each exhibitor and sponsor is responsible for transporting materials to and from the event venue.

Exhibitors are held liable for compliance with the terms as set forth herein. No activities will be permitted in any exhibit space that are contrary to law or the rules of the Event or which will disturb exhibitors in the immediate area. All displays, equipment booth furnishings, product demonstrations and marketing/promotional activities, including surveys of any nature conducted by the exhibitor or a contracted survey firm, must be confined to the exhibitor area. Materials, equipment or activities which detract from the atmosphere of the Exposition or which disturb exhibitors are prohibited. Costumed personnel or mannequins must not be offensive or disruptive in their appearance or dress.  AAPIO shall have the right to prohibit any exhibit, which in their opinion is not suitable to the character or purpose of the Event. No overflow into the aisles will be permitted as fire regulations indicate all aisles must be free for egress in the event of an emergency. The AAPIO reserves the right to remove from the show materials, advertising or literature, which they feel is not in keeping with the standards of the event.

All displays must be dismantled and removed no later than 11 p.m. on the day of the event.  Arrangement for the use of Exhibitor services (i.e. labor; shipment of exhibit materials) from the event site should be made well in advance of the removal time listed in this section.  The exhibit hall must be cleared of all exhibit materials by the end of the dismantling period. 

The exhibiting firm agrees that the first priority of all personnel in the booth shall be the safety of those attending the booth, during, before or after the event’s open hours. Fire regulations require all display material used for decoration to be flameproof. Any or all electrical equipment used in conjunction with the display’s installation, operation and dismantling shall be in good operable condition and able to pass the inspection of the local Fire Marshal. Materials stored in the booth area shall not block access to the exhibit or necessary areas of maintenance or cover electrical wires or outlets.

(A) As an exhibiting firm, the exhibitor, our agents, employees, contractor, representatives or guest assume and agree to indemnify, protect, save and hold harmless AAPIO and the event venue , its agents, employees, contractors or representatives from and against any and all losses, damages, injuries, claims, demands, and expenses, including legal expenses of whatsoever kind and nature, arising due to our participation in the Event during the installation period, event hours, closed hours and dismantle period.
(B) Neither will AAPIO, the event venue, the official service contractors, their members, nor the representatives and or employees thereof be responsible for injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the exhibitor, or to the exhibitor’s employees or property, from any cause whatsoever prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by this application/agreement. Exhibitors agree to maintain such insurance that will fully protect, indemnify and hold harmless AAPIO and the event venue from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever, including attorney’s fees, which may arise due to the actions or negligence of the exhibiting firm or their employees or members, contractors, or representatives, including claims under the Worker’s Compensation Act, and for personal injury, including death, which may arise in connection with the installation, operation or dismantling of the exhibitor’s display.

Any and all matters and questions not specifically covered by the articles in this agreement shall be subject to the decision of AAPIO.